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Informative Links

Each of the following links and websites will give you information and perspective on the production, harvesting and marketing of teak. We do not know how current these websites are, but it will definitely give you more insight about teak production and will allow you to make comparisons.



            from:  Panama Teak Forestry, Inc.


            Detailed soil requirements and growing information




             A managed investment scheme with the objective of developing a commercial teak plantation
             in north Queensland, Austrailia



             excerpted from Forest Resources Development Services

            An overview of global teak resources and issues affecting their future outlook. A very detailed

            report covering location, production, marketing, and environmental issues including legislation

            affecting teak management.



  • Current Teak Prices
       per January 2013 Report by International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)


             Domestic ex-mill sawnwood prices for Myanmar teak and imported plantation teak prices


We want you to be as informed as possible about your proposed adventure in teak production.  We want you to make a well balanced decision based on as much accessible information as possible.  We want you to be as excited about this endeavor as we are.  We are passionate about teak and we believe in it - we want you to believe in teak as a future endeavor as well - before you decide.

                                You read - you question - you decide! 


And as you question we are but an email message or phone call away.  Use the 'Contact Us' page if you have further questions and then make your decision to become part of our expanding teak farm family!