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How to Become a Teak Farmer in Belize           

We invite you to browse this website and decide if you are truly interested and committed to the growing of your own Teak in Belize.  We have a 700 acre farm in one of the nicest parts of Belize and we can lease you farmland for teak production for a maximum period of 27 years at which time the teak trees will have reached their ultimate maturity and will give you the highest value (less years if you decide to harvest earlier).  We will plant and maintain your teak trees according to the terms of the lease.  The initial cost is US$ 6,750 per acre (see Lease Contract for detailed information). We will take care of your trees, at no additional charge, through the 7th year.  You are the owner of the teak trees and after 7 years you can decide to harvest a portion of the trees to cover the annual maintenance payment of US$ 350 per acre and then continue growing the rest of the trees.  All trees can be harvested profitably after 10 - 12 years, but the larger the trees grow the higher your profitability will be.  We will supply the expertise in growing and maintaining the teak production, the security of the plantation and access to the property. We will keep you informed on the growth of the teak and the performance of your trees.

We encourage you to do research on teak production in general and teak production in Belize and other subtropical areas.  We believe that we can offer you one of the better programs for getting involved in the teak production. We are not trying to sell you land nor shares and you do not have to become a citizen of Belize in order to participate in our program.  We believe that our maintenance and lease proposal as well as our way of managing a plantation is better than anything else on the market. We are and have been long time growers in the US and Belize of flowers, trees, palms and nursery stock and we are well qualified to take care of your trees.  Sure, we cannot guarantee what the value of your teak will be when harvested since there is always a risk of a natural disaster or the risk of an unexpected slump in the global market price, but we do guarantee fair cost and excellent expertise.  For detailed information and comparables see the 'How it Works' and 'Informative Links' sections.

Belize is an English speaking country with a stable government. It is easily accessible from all major US airports within one day.  It is a beautiful country with its roots deeply established in Agriculture.